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April 19, 2024

Term 2 begins with conversations with teachers

Our new term began in earnest this week with Parent Teacher Student meetings scheduled throughout a full Tuesday. It was pleasing to see so many families actively engaged in the process, meeting teachers throughout our College Recreation Centre. This year’s new updated scheduling platform enabled more parents to access interview times and as a consequence our total number of interview opportunities increased considerably. Thank you to Mrs Belinda Pietropaolo for the work in coordinating this important parent and student feedback event and for the community building experienced as a part of the day.

WA Student Assistance Payment (WASAP)

The Western Australian Government recently announced this programme which aims to help parents and carers with cost-of-living pressures. Eligible students must be enrolled in Kindergarten to Year 12 and have a valid WA Student Number. This number is also called a SCSA number and can be found at the top of your child’s report. All claims must be received by Friday 28 June 2024 either through the ServiceWA App or online via their website at WA Student Assistance Payment ( The link to the form is under the ‘Eligibility and claiming’ tab.

Chisholm families can expect to receive a letter from the Principal in the next day or two, informing our community of various matters as well as updates on what lies ahead during the coming months.  

I wish everyone a successful and enjoyable second term.

Mr John Bormolini

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