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April 28, 2023

We welcome back everyone to the new term after a restful Easter and holiday break.

Monday’s Parent Teacher Interviews have been a wonderful reminder of the partnership between the College and our families in providing quality care and education for the growth and formation of our young people. Thank you to all parents and students who engaged with our staff in the Br Olly Pickett Recreation Centre and for the hundreds of meetings across the day and evening.

These productive encounters, characterised by friendly dialogue and valuable sharing of information concerning student’s performance and progress, really accentuated the importance of our mission at work and for ongoing improvement.

I look forward to further opportunities in this vein and the chance to communicate other important information and developments emerging in new curriculum opportunities later in the year.

The new term will see some staffing adjustments for four staff on leave as well as some permanent change. Significantly the College loses two of its counselling staff in these first few weeks with Mrs Cara Mayne heading to a private Psychology practice and Ms Una Flynn moving to Perth College. I ask that parents be appreciative of the added pressures that this will place on our pastoral resources until we are able to appoint replacements.

Mr John Bormolini

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