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June 2, 2023

It’s that time of the year when the universities publish their Undergraduate Study Guides for the following year. While these are mainly directed at Year 12 students, the common theme regarding the importance of education can be heeded by all students.

While Professor Amit Chakma (Vice-Chancellor of UWA) wrote in his university’s publication about the importance of “achieving your best and equipping yourself for global success in a world where knowledge is the universal currency,” Professor Francis Campbell (Vice-Chancellor of Notre Dame) emphasised that “critical thinking skills, specific knowledge and essential capabilities are needed to navigate one’s journey to achieving academic and professional goals to enact positive change in the world.”

I am sure, like you, that this is the type of message that we want to communicate to our young adults. Students at Chisholm are offered a quality education and a wealth of opportunities that I hope can stimulate an appetite to become life-long learners and go on to prosper as ethical global citizens of tomorrow.

In partnership with parents/carers, the College hopes that students approach their studies with an open mind and a willingness to learn. The College’s ‘Vision for Learning’ explicitly sets out the need to develop young adults to become active learners who understand the values, knowledge and skills that are important for the modern world.

Together, let’s continue to motivate our young people with the confidence and ability to achieve excellence in whatever field they pursue.

This week saw a core group of students compete in the annual ACC Cross Country competition. As always, students displayed dedication, sportsmanship and represented the College with distinction. I thank Mr Nic Italiano (Head Coach) and all other staff who supported our athletes.

I hope you have an enjoyable long weekend and week ahead.

“God does not want us to do extraordinary things; God wants us to do the ordinary things extraordinarily well.” – Charles Gore

Mr Rino Randazzo
Acting Principal

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