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June 9, 2023

Our senior students have now completed their mid-year exams and are eagerly awaiting the results from their hard work. I hope their efforts will reflect pleasing outcomes.

This week also saw Year 10 students participate in two one day programmes – My Future Day and Into Adulthood Reconnection. My Future Day saw students receive valuable information to make informed subject choices for Years 11 and 12 and contemplate their future career path. The Into Adulthood Reconnection Day, held at Manjedal Adventure Centre Jarrahdale, allowed students to revisit the strategies and skills they learnt at the Adulthood camp at the end of last year. Students found both days invaluable and I am confident that they are now better informed to make decisions.

As we return to a more normal programme for the last three weeks of Term 2, all students are expected to remain focussed and motivated. We want all students to enjoy and be active participants in their learning journey.

We pray for Pope Francis as he recuperates from abdominal surgery. May God look upon his servant Francis and assist him to a quick recovery.

I hope you have an enjoyable weekend and week ahead.

“Always try to speak to the goodness that is in people. Nothing is lost in the attempt.” 
– Pope John XXIII

Mr Rino Randazzo
Acting Principal

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