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June 14, 2024

It has been a busy couple of weeks for our Senior School students who prepared for and sat their Semester One Exams. By now, they will have received their results and hopefully have taken some time to reflect upon their efforts and set some goals for the remainder of the year.

All our students in Years 7-12 will receive their reports in the coming weeks and the time for Parent-Teacher-Student Interviews will be upon us. I take this opportunity to encourage all parents and students to attend these meetings to ensure that the connection between home and school continues to grow and this partnership is strengthened.

While the interviews are a great chance to identify challenges in a child’s learning and collaboratively work on ways to address these, they are also an opportunity to motivate and reinforce the positive behaviours a student may have demonstrated throughout Semester One.

It is hoped that parents come away from the interviews feeling empowered to support their child in their learning journey at home and teachers are provided with a more comprehensive understanding of the student in their class, all for the benefit of the child.

Please keep an eye out for the details regarding the booking process for the Parent-Teacher-Student Interviews which will come out during Week 11 and Edval will be open to parents. We are using the same booking system and process as Term 2. The interviews will take place on Tuesday 16 July, Day Two of Term 3 in the Br Olly Pickett Recreation Centre from 1:00pm to 7:00pm. This is a Pupil Free Day for all students. The deadline for booking will be Friday 5 July (during the school holidays).

Ms Jess Martin
Acting Deputy Principal – Administration

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