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September 23, 2022

Today concluded the end of Term 3 and with it another busy chapter in the College’s academic year. Our Year 12 students have effectively finished their courses this week and have only their upcoming examinations and formal Graduation in Week 2 of next term. 

This week has provided opportunities for our Year 12s to celebrate and savour these last formal school days at Chisholm. Wednesday’s final full school farewell assembly was a very special way for everyone here to acknowledge their journey. There has been much to reflect on this week as they engaged with staff and their fellow students, exchanging messages of best wishes and saying goodbyes. Their final Thanksgiving Mass rounded out what was a beautiful and outstanding day for them all.  

My sincere thanks to everyone for the hard work and support during our busiest period of the year in Term 3. Hopefully there will be some time for a rest and a well-earned break somewhere in the next two weeks.

Mr John Bormolini                   

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