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FROM THE PRINCIPAL: Year 12 Coming to the End

September 17, 2021

Next week will see our final week rounding out Term 3 and with it the completion of the academic year in terms of attendance for our Year 12 students. For many the final Mock examinations during the holidays and then the last stages of preparation and engaging in the external ATAR examinations will conclude their busy and challenging final year.

Unfortunately, the end does close in very quickly and we hope that all matters that need to be attended to on these final days are taken care of whilst our students have the opportunity to enjoy and savour the last moments of their extended Chisholm journey and experience.

That experience for everyone is always better remembered if it’s not tarnished by stupid acts of vandalism or dangerous driving in vehicles on the last days or evenings and I remind parents to please reinforce the message that it must not occur. Being excluded from the end of year Graduation or last day events and even criminal sanction will result from those who make the choice to ignore what we expect in terms of reasonable behavior and our values.

During next week the whole College farewells our Year 12s in our last full school Assembly and we all look forward to sharing in that as a positive farewell, as we have done in great tradition so many times before. We will certainly extend our best wishes and prayers as they prepare for their step into life beyond school.

Mr John Bormolini

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