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Governor’s Prayer Breakfast

September 17, 2021

On Friday 3 September Mr Swindells, Melanie Pham and I had the privilege of attending the Governor’s Prayer Breakfast at Crown. We joined over 1200 people from corporate and church leaders, to school students and staff from Christian and government schools from all over WA.

It was a privilege to participate in and share prayers that addressed the issues in modern society, specifically the youth and the current troubles in Afghanistan. “Being grateful for what we have been given” was a central theme of the prayer service.

Jade Lewis, author and public speaker, was nothing short of inspirational. She spoke of her troubled teen life and how it is normal to sometimes feel lost. Jade shared her life story and lessons concerning drugs, addiction, crime and violence. She acknowledged that the love of her Dad together with her discovery of the gift of faith absolutely saved her! Jade underwent rehabilitation through the Teen Challenge Program in Esperance, graduating in 2000. Since then, she has become known for her dedication towards helping troubled teens, parents and marginalised women.

Jade reflected on the fact that this life isn’t meant to be easy. Her father often challenged her to be resilient saying “It’s not that you can’t, it’s that you don’t want to”. She successfully rehabilitated with the love and support of her family, growing faith and newfound purpose in life.

Her story is one of many as everyone has their own battles to face, and whether or not faith is the answer, it’ll always be there whenever we need it most. It’s a gift we should recognise, appreciate more often and not take for granted.

Liam Hardegen
Head Boy

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