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Harmony Day – Student Report

March 31, 2022

On Friday 18 March, our College celebrated the diverse culture at the school, dressing in orange and cultural dress for Harmony Day.

This day aims to foster inclusiveness and respect. The colour orange represents freedom and encouragement of mutual respect and values deeply rooted within Australia and the College. Students also wore their own cultural dress embracing their culture and heritage. “It is a day of unity, where we put aside differences and celebrate being human”.

The school could not have its normal Harmony Day assembly, however as a group we still managed to make the day meaningful. During PCG students watched the annual Harmony Day video. A student stated: “The video always involves us, everyone loves to see themselves and friends in it”.

Harmony Day is a very special day during the school year where we all get to come together and celebrate our community and cultural differences.

Ella Harris
Prefect – Community Relations Committee

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