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Managing Hot Weather

February 22, 2024

Extreme heat or a heatwave is a period of unusual and uncomfortable hot weather. Every classroom at Chisholm is equipped with air conditioners, to create a comfortable learning environment.

During our recent periods of extremely hot weather, in accordance with CEWA guidelines for Catholic schools, our College has implemented various processes to maintain the wellbeing of our students:

  1. Students were reminded to stay in the shade, keep hydrated and wear sunscreen and a hat when outdoors.
  2. The College Hall was opened and supervised at recess and lunchtime, primarily for our Year 7-9 students.
  3. The Graham Cooney Centre was opened and supervised at lunchtime, primarily for our Year10-12 students.
  4. e-Learning was open upstairs and downstairs during lunchtime for all students.
  5. The Recreation Centre was open at recess and lunch for rostered year levels.
  6. The Year 8 Swimming Carnival was modified due to the extreme conditions on Monday.

We will continue to manage similar situations in the future to monitor students’ health and safety.

Students were notified of these guidelines through SEQTA notices. A large number of our students availed themselves of the opportunity to “stay cool” and enjoy their break times in airconditioned comfort.

Mrs Fiona Millimaci
Deputy Principal – Wellbeing

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