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Humanities & Social Sciences Week

October 20, 2022

Week 2 was a celebration of Humanities with various activities running throughout the week. Our Year 7 and 8 students took part in the Water Corporation incursion in which interactive pods were set up on the oval and students visited the pods during their Humanities class. During the week, PCGs competed in a different Humanities themed quiz each day with the winners receiving a prize for their PCG. Staff also had their own quiz with a Geography themed event running until Friday.

Year 7 students Louise Connell and Serenity Marquez summed up the Water Corporation incursion as below:

“Year 7 and 8 students took part in a Water incursion this week. There were a number of tents set up which covered different themes about water. Each person received a set of headphones that worked like a silent disco.

The orange tents looked at the water we use at home in our daily routine. We then were asked a series of questions about how we live our life. Each time we answered ‘yes’ to a question we needed to take a step forward as it meant we were using water for that activity. In the blue tents we were astronauts who travelled into space and landed on another planet. This taught us about how scarce water is and its importance to Earth. In the green tents we learnt about water sources. In Perth, we get water from a large number of sources including dams, underground and rainfall. The final game was outside and we were asked a series of questions. Depending on our answer, we moved to different flags to see if we were correct.

The water incursion was enjoyable and we now understand better the importance of water. Thank you to the Water Corporation for visiting Chisholm.”

Mr Alan Fitzpatrick
Acting Head of Humanities and Social Sciences

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