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‘Into Adulthood’ Programme Launch for 2023

March 2, 2023

Growing Resilient, Reliable, Capable, Caring Adults

On Wednesday 27 February, our Year 9 cohort were introduced to the ‘Into Adulthood’ Programme, which is run in partnership between Chisholm Catholic College and AdventureWorks WA. Year 9s were all involved in a two-period session where they explored the concept of a rite of passage, why the College sees the benefit of this Programme for them and how they could use what they learn to begin making conscious steps into adulthood throughout the year ahead. Students were invited to think about who they want to become and how they want to portray themselves in their community into the future as young adults. These were indeed some big questions to ponder for our young people and we as a community look forward to helping them take further steps into adulthood throughout the experiences we will offer throughout 2023.

As part of the day, each student was presented with their Chisholm ‘Into Adulthood’ Badge by their Pastoral Care Advisor in recognition of them joining the Programme. These badges had previously been blessed by Fr Zyggy and students are invited to wear them as part of their uniform throughout the year as a sign of the journey they are undertaking.

Big thanks to our students who responded beautifully to the day as well as our Pastoral Care Advisors and AdventureWorks WA facilitators who worked in support of the students in their first day of the Programme.

Mr Dion Rendall – Head of Year 9
Mr John Swindells – Deputy Principal – Mission

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