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Languages Week: French Accent

August 26, 2021

On Thursday evening of Week 4, the senior French students celebrated Languages Week in luxurious style at French Accent on Beaufort Street. The food was delightful and creative. Every dish had its own interactive element for each diner, whether it be catching a bubble of ‘smoke’ or toasting your own brioche with a blowtorch. The waiters kept our interest as they gave a wooden box, glove or dry ice along with instructions for each person’s dish.

From the hors d’oeuvres with fresh bread and butter from Normandie, to deconstructed soup, vegetarian ‘human bones’ and octopus, traditional French methods met with the science lab. The duck confit tasted like orange, which was quite surprising, in a good way! The macarons were the best in flavour and light crispy texture.

All the staff were welcoming and understanding of our learning. They were willing to engage with us in French and English. French Accent restaurant was professional, contemporary and inviting and we had a wonderful evening.

By Year 11 & 12 French ATAR students
Ms Sharatha Mizen, Department of Languages

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