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Languages Week

August 18, 2022

Languages Week is held across Australia each year in August. At Chisholm, students explored a variety of cultural activities during their language lessons in Week 4, with some excursions re-introduced into College life. Here are some of the highlights:

Year 10 Italian took advantage of a once-only special exhibition at the Fremantle Maritime Museum “The Nonna Project”. This was followed by a Q&A session with local Bayswater matriarch Vittoria Melia, then an afternoon tea and interviews in Italian with the students’ own Nonni on campus. 

Year 7 Mandarin were awed by the skills and sounds of Miss Xue Yan Chen from the Western Australian Guzheng Academy playing the ancient Chinese guzheng, which they then tried their hand at playing. 

Year 9 Italian compared the different seasons and weather conditions in the Northern and Southern hemispheres with Aboriginal Liaison Officer Ms Amy McGuire, learning about Nyoongar hunting and harvesting traditions according to the six seasons, bringing balance and adaptability in harmony with the bush.

There were also the delights of cuisine: Year 7 French enjoyed le goûter, morning or afternoon tea, with chocolate croissants, custard eclairs and fruits; Year 8 Mandarin mixed, moulded and cooked potato pancakes; Year 9 Mandarin and Italian student groups each dined at restaurants; Year 10 and 12 senior French students will revel in gastronomy-meets-science-lab French Accent restaurant this week.

Rainy weather was perfect for indoor board games. The occasional peek of sunshine allowed for traditional bocce, pétanque and jeu de l’élastique.

The Office of Multicultural Affairs notes that research shows bilingual individuals tend to be creative flexible thinkers and innovative problem solvers. They have greater communicative sensitivity and are more understanding to the needs of listeners. As language teachers, we love to witness our students’ enthusiastic participation in our language learning and activities as well as hear their reflections on their own home and community cultural practices.

Ms Sharatha Mizen
Head of Languages Learning Area

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