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Mandarin Winners

September 16, 2022

Recently, five students from Years 7-10 participated in the State Mandarin Writing Competition and two students took part in the Speaking Competition organised by CLTAWA (Chinese Language Teacher Association WA). I would like to thank the students who participated in the competition. We are very proud of your efforts and outstanding contribution to the event. I am delighted to congratulate the following students for their achievements:

Speaking Competition:
Second Place: Olivia Gatti (Year 7)
Third Place: Taya Coates (Year 9)

Writing Competition (Category Year 7 and 8):
First Place: Kaila Newman (Year 8)
Fourth Place: Sabelle Chami (Year 7)

Writing Competition (Category Year 9 and 10):
Second Place: Savannah Gitonga (Year 9)
Fourth Place: Taya Coates (Year 9)

Writing Competition (Category E1):
Fourth Place: Tiana Liau (Year 10)

Congratulations to you all and to those who were named above for their deserving recognition and the honour you have brought to our school.

Ms Bee Tee
Chinese Teacher

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