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Mathematics Week

September 16, 2022

This week, Chisholm hosted its annual Mathematics Week. The week kicked off with a Maths quiz in PCG, where students competed to win last minute House points before the House Shield is awarded at next week’s whole school assembly.

At lunchtime on Monday, students competed in a race to see who could solve the Rubik’s Cube the fastest. Year 7 student Finian solved the Rubik’s cube in an outstanding 47 seconds.

On Tuesday at lunchtime, students were involved in a “Check the Clues Activity”. In groups, students had to decode clues to find the secret number. By watching the students at work, it is clear to see that we have the next Sherlock Holmes at Chisholm!

Wednesday saw students use their problem-solving skills to solve KenKen puzzles in the fastest time possible. KenKen was developed in 2004 by Tetsuya Miyamoto to help foster the skills of logic, guess and check and persistence. It is an entertaining way of building fluency and reasoning in Mathematics. The students that participated found it both challenging and fun. Year 8 student Ryder managed to solve the first puzzle in the fastest time.

Mathematics Week continued Thursday with students determining unknown phone passcodes. Six people had forgotten their 4-digit passcode to their phone. Students had to decipher the mathematical clues to work out the code for each phone passcode. For the second time this week, Ryder was able to decipher the clues the fastest!

The week concluded with a presentation from our resident engineer, Mrs Tina Nicolau, who spoke to the students about the different ways Mathematics is included in engineering. In addition, students in Years 7-9 competed in a treasure hunt.

An enormous thank you must be extended to our wonderful Mathematics Department for hosting these mathematical activities for our students. Mrs Tina Nicolau and Mrs Kylie Underwood must be commended to the enormous amount of work they have put into organising the activities that were available to the students throughout the week. The students must be also commended for the enthusiasm they brought to each activity.

Mr Kyle Bussanich
Maths Teacher

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