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Maths Week

September 14, 2023

In Week 9 we saw the College celebrating Maths Week with some fun activities and a guest speaker.

‘Mystery Envelopes” saw competitors running around the school answering mathematical questions and winning prizes. In addition to a Maths Magic Trick activity, PCG quizzes, Maths Craft Activity, we were lucky enough to have a ‘Maths in Engineering’ presentation from our very own Mrs Tina Nicolau, a qualified engineer and current Maths teacher.

We must also acknowledge and extend our heartfelt gratitude to the teachers in charge, Ms Zhang, Mrs Nicolau and Mrs Zimarino who played a pivotal role in organising Maths Week. The students had loads of fun running around the school finding hidden quiz questions and the Maths office was inundated with students smiling faces claiming prizes. Maths in Chisholm is alive and well!

Ms Jenna Ng
Mathematics Department

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