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Member of Parliament Visit

May 11, 2023

On Friday 5 May, the Year 12 Politics and Law class invited Hon Patrick Gorman MP, the Member for Perth, to talk to our class. He had previously met our three students who attended the Constitutional Convention in Canberra, where he had spoken to the 120 student attendees from across Australia. This time we had him just for our class which meant we could ask lots of questions.

Mr Gorman told us about his job working for former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd in social media, later taking on the role as the member for Perth, and currently also holding the role of the Assistant Minister to the Prime Minister. He brought pocket Constitutions for our class and each student collected theirs after asking a question, which ensured a wide range of topics for discussion. We learnt a bit more about the referendum process which helped as we are currently studying that topic, as well as his views and involvement in different policies and changes to the law including vaping.

It was interesting to learn that he studied our subjects at high school, but credits being involved in Theatre, Debating and student representative groups as good training for his current role. His best advice was to be friends with people who hold different views in order to be challenged and develop our knowledge. We thank him for taking the time to visit our school and share his experiences with us.

Ms Natasha Clark
Politics and Law Teacher

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