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January 17, 2022

Dear Year 12 Student and Parents

My apologies for the disrupted communication and messaging regarding our Year 12 Ball. Unfortunately, we have experienced some major email issues and some parents will not have received my initial email. We have posted the same message on our Social Media platforms to ensure that everyone is made aware of what is happening.

Our Friday morning deadline for response has seen a considerable number of students inform us that they will not be fully vaccinated in time for the 28th of January. This is approaching 15 percent of our student group.

Given consideration for the circumstances and what possibilities currently exist, our Ball at the Westin Hotel will now be rescheduled and put back to Monday the 21st February.

As we’re all very aware, the nature of managing this Pandemic creates ongoing disruption and restrictions as things continue to change. I appreciate that this will cause disruption to plans and arrangements that people have put in place or paid for, in preparation for the event and I also appreciate that deferring things may mean further challenges later on however it would be disappointing for a number of our students to not be allowed to attend at this current time, with such short notice.

We will update this information further in regard to the Ball and other aspects of our school calendar as we commence back at school. Clearly, there will be further challenges ahead for the 2022 school year not only for our year 12 group but the whole school community and we’ll continue to address these as best we can, as they arise or as directed.

Thank you for your understanding.

Mr John Bormolini

17 January 2022

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