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MetSO Winter Concert

June 22, 2022

Earlier in the term, our talented clarinet tutor, Ms Alex Thomson, announced that she would be soloing in an upcoming concert series featuring the Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra. In support of Ms Thomson, the College was blessed with a number of tickets sponsored by LotteryWest. We believed this to be a fantastic opportunity for our Music students to see one of our staff performing on stage in a professional setting and gain experience watching a live orchestra playing Western Art Music. Ms Thomson stunningly performed the captivating Weber Clarinet Concerto and our students had a wonderful time.

“I thought that the performance was quite intriguing. Ms Thompson played notes that I didn’t even know you could play which made it all the more interesting. I learnt that there is a whole octave and a half higher than what I knew you could play on the clarinet just from the performance. It was a very good performance with many layers that I recommend for any music lovers or just people in general who play an instrument.” 
Madeleine Adams

Mr Gareth Goerke
Acting Director of Music

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