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Mock Trial Round 1

June 24, 2022

This week after two terms’ worth of preparations and meetings, our Round 1 trials finally took place. There had been many upheavals including a change of venue from the Supreme Court to the Old Courthouse next door, which meant we had trials on two different nights. The biggest upheaval was that after all that time working on it, we had to replace students at the last minute to fill in for absences!

The case was a charge of stealing toilet paper and cash, allegedly due to a dispute between neighbours during COVID era shortages. The Tuesday team was Defence, and won against Fremantle College, 129.5 to 123 points. Rosie Hooker filled in as Witness on the day and was outstanding in recall and keeping in character as the wife of the accused. The Thursday team was Prosecution: Verity Jansen, Jennifer Le and Josie McAllister who filled in with between one day and one week’s notice and were fantastic. Big thank you goes to the absent team members who shared all their drafts. Thank you to all students who filled in, to Miss Ranalli who attended with the Tuesday team, and to our terrific coach Hon John McKechnie. The Prosecution result was another win, 140.5 to 136.5 for Newman College.

We are delighted that both teams got to compete in a Round 1 trial, both performed strongly, and that our record of no forfeits is intact. Rounds 2 and 3 will proceed in Term 3. Well done to all members of our Mock Trial teams!

Ms Natasha Clark
Politics & Law Teacher

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