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Mock Trial Round 2

May 16, 2024

Well done to both of our Mock Trial teams for a double win over Presbyterian Ladies’ College last night, 16 May at the Supreme Court. The criminal case concerned an alleged breach of a restraining order by a stalking ex-girlfriend, who followed her ex-boyfriend while he was on a date at Ikea (or was it just a coincidence that they were there at the same time?). The Advocatoes as Defence won 145 v 137. Law & Order M.O.C.K as Prosecution won 124 v 119 and also won the legal case with a Guilty verdict. After six weeks’ preparation, the Advocatoes were hit by illness and we had three role changes with two days’ notice, the fill-ins did a terrific job. There was excellent teamwork by all members of both teams, including feedback by those away. Special note of Eleni Chapman who got a perfect score for her first Closing as Barrister 2 and Alexander Jarvis who was a composed witness despite only two days to learn it. I also want to acknowledge the debating skills taught to several team members by Ms Franich and Mrs De Bijl in previous years, as both Eleni Chapman and Maia Securo were very persuasive barristers. All four witnesses were very strong, and Georgia Carter and Jean-Paul Rapy had the hardest cross-examinations and handled them well. Gabriela Magalhaes had excellent composure as Barrister 1. Our Coach Hon John McKechnie KC was invaluable with meetings but also feedback on late drafts.

This was a moment of victory despite adversity and we are very proud of our teams’ preparations, efforts, confidence, court etiquette, teamwork and to quote The Castle, “their fighting spirit!”

We are proud of you all.

Round 3, the last of the open round, is on Wednesday 19 June.

Ms Clark & Miss Ranalli

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