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Mock Trial Round 3

September 22, 2022

Well done to both Mock Trial teams for a terrific contest against Carmel College on Monday night. We were Prosecution in a criminal case. The accused was charged with ‘creating a false belief’ that he had COVID. “Chisholm Suits” won by 8 points and “Law and Order” lost by a mere 1.5 points; in both trials the accused was convicted. Well done to all team members including some who were late changes. The biggest thank you goes to Elise Lycho in Year 10 who stepped in during Period 5 on the day of the trial to fill a late vacancy and save us from a forfeit (and her team won)!

We are very proud of all of you for your dedication this year over three terms and for your sportsmanship and court etiquette. Thanks again to our esteemed coach Honourable John McKechnie. We hope to see many Year 10s and above nominate for next year’s team early in Term 1. “Chisholm Suits” ended up 9th school overall for 2022 – well done!

Ms Natasha Clark and Miss Andrea Ranalli
Mock Trial Teachers

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