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National Science Week at Chisholm

August 20, 2021

Each year during National Science Week, the Science Learning Area at Chisholm takes great pride in providing opportunities to enrich our students’ understanding and experience of science. This year’s national theme was “Food: Different by Design”. On Monday, 137 students participated in a Citizen Science experiment “Test your Tastebuds”, which investigated the relationship between food’s appearance and its perceived flavour. On Tuesday, the Year 7 and 8 students competed in a nail-biting Science “Kahoot!” quiz, run by the Student Wellbeing Committee, to test their Science trivia knowledge.

The highlight of the week was hosting Marine Biologist, Amanda Elizabeth, as a guest speaker on Wednesday night. Amanda spoke about the amazing adaptations that sharks have, their role in our oceans and why their existence is threatened due to the inhumane and unsustainable practice of shark finning. Having launched the initiative “Fin-Free Soup” and hosted a documentary about finning, Amanda showed that being a scientist isn’t just about “knowing things” but also about “doing things” and making a difference.

Thank you to all of the fantastic staff and students who helped to make this year’s Science Week a success.

Ms Melissa Galea
Assistant Head of Learning Area – Science

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