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National Science Week – Lunchtime Lab Workshop

September 1, 2022

Each year during National Science Week, the Science Learning Area finds new and exciting ways to enrich our students’ understanding and experience of science. This year, the theme was “Glass: More than Meets the Eye” and our resident physicists jumped at the opportunity!

On Tuesday, 46 Year 7 and 8 student-scientists participated in a lunchtime lab workshop where they simulated optical fibres. Using lightboxes, lasers and jelly, students investigated the fascinating way glass is used to make our world better – by enabling the internet!

The students worked in small groups to explore total internal refraction of light as it moves through different mediums. To conclude the workshop, students identified an issue with transmitting information this way and came up with real world solutions to the problem.

Thank you to all the enthusiastic students who participated in this year’s National Science Week celebrations!

Ms Alana Martin
Science Teacher

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