Seasons for Growth

March 9, 2023

Growing through change and loss

It’s natural to have difficult and unexpected feelings and thoughts when we lose something or someone we love. Seasons For Growth is a programme to support students navigating big change or loss in their life.

The passing of a loved one, separation of families and parents, moving home, impact of illness, distressing events, family work-life changes, impacts of COVID, relationships ending/changing are examples of some of the events that can change our world in big ways. Grief is a normal response to change but can be painful and sometimes overwhelming as we try to find our feet again.

Whatever the loss, it is personal to you, so it is important not to feel that there is something wrong with you, that you are not strong enough, that you should be over it or that there is a certain way to feel.

Coping with change and loss is one of life’s biggest challenges. Chisholm offers the Seasons for Growth programme so that students facing such a challenge can have the support and space to understand, learn skills and explore ways of finding how to live and grow through their loss or change.

If you would like to register an interest to participate as a student or for your son/daughter, please email You will then be contacted to discuss further your hopes for participation in the programme.

Click Seasons for Growth Seasons Fact Sheet_1 for further information.

Mr Phil Smith
Pastoral Support

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