Student Leadership

Chisholm prides itself on developing leadership within its students.

Emphasis is given to providing numerous opportunities, in different ways to develop these important skills and across as many students as possible.

The College Head Girl and Head Boy represent the College at many formal occasions throughout the year. They head the Student Leadership Group which is comprised of 12 Prefects (Year 12 students) and 12 Assistant Prefects (Year 10 students). Each of these students are given a specific portfolio to coordinate. Each of these portfolios cover a broad range of student issues and College life including – Arts, Academic Focus, Canteen, Community Service, College Houses, Liturgy, Community Relations, Social and Environment and Sport. Each year group of students also has its own House Representatives comprised of a student from each Pastoral Care Group, that are elected on a semester or yearly rotation. The Student Leader objectives are:

In addition, the College Peer Support Programme utilises a large number of selected Year 11 students to engage and further develop their leadership capacity as Year 7 Peer Support Leaders in Semester One, as they mentor and assist these younger students to settle into their new secondary schooling environment.

There are also other leadership opportunities for students such as Junior and Senior Captains of ACC College Teams for Years 10 and 12.

Through all of these student leadership avenues the College seeks to instil the importance of a sense of service to others.


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