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Peer Support Leaders’ Training Day

February 3, 2023

The Peer Support Programme is designed to assist our newest Year 7 members of the College to settle into high school life.

On Wednesday 25 January, 72 Year 11 students graciously gave up a day of their holidays to attend a training day on campus to prepare for the Peer Support Programme.

These amazing students had been selected to mentor our Year 7s as they begin their high school journey at Chisholm Catholic College. The Year 11 leaders learnt a number of leadership skills and participated in many activities that they will be facilitating with the Year 7s on their first day and throughout the year.

Thank you to all staff and students who assisted with the smooth running of the day. The Year 11 leaders are to be commended for the outstanding support they have already provided to our Year 7 students on their first day at the College.

Miss Taryn Mohen 
Head of Year 11

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