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Peer Support Programme Reflection

March 30, 2023

“The 2023 Peer Support Programme has been such a rewarding and special experience for both the Year 7s and us as Peer Support Leaders. Getting to know all the Year 7s in our PCG during our weekly periods has been so fun. We taught them about various things like organisation, time management, prevention of bullying and how to meet new people. We loved sharing our experiences and knowledge with them to help with their transition into high school. Coming to high school, especially a big one like Chisholm, can be very daunting. We hope that through the Peer Support Programme, the Year 7s felt more comfortable and excited about the beginning of their high school journey.” Josie Allen 11K1

“It has been wonderful to have the Year 11 students assisting with the Peer Support Programme this term. I have found it valuable as it has assisted me in transitioning into high school life at Chisholm. They have provided important information speaking about various topics that relate to us. For example, the peer pressure topic covered strategies in dealing with situations. My favourite topic in this support programme was resilience which covered strategies to bounce back from negative situations and learn about coping mechanisms.” – Phillip Rologas 7K1

“The Peer Support Programme has been very nice with all of the help from our lovely Year 11s this term.” – Mwamba Nonde 7O1

“The Peer Support Programme has been such an enjoyable experience. The Peer Support Leaders have really helped us in adjusting to high school. It was an amazing programme because we were able to learn a lot about high school but at the same time have fun. The Peer Support Leaders were able to understand and give advice about what we were going through in school, which made us feel a lot better about the challenges we were facing.” – Zoe Gitonga 7L2

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