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Peer Support Programme

April 7, 2022

Throughout this term Year 11 Peer Support Leaders have worked alongside Year 7 students to aid in the transition into high school. On a weekly basis the Peer Support Leaders have helped their small group of students adjust to the change from primary school and have addressed issues such as self-esteem, resilience as well as providing organisation tricks.

Having access to a Peer Support Leader has been an invaluable asset for the Year 7s and the start of their journey, but it has also been valuable for our senior students to take on a leadership role and give back to the Chisholm community.

When surveying the Year 7s, the students were more than appreciative of the help provided by the Year 11s.

  • “Hi Year 11s! Thank you for being amazing Peer Support Leaders! You have made my transition to high school so much easier and welcoming.”
  • “Thanks so much for taking your time to help us adjust to Chisholm. Your help and guidance has really helped me feel more comfortable at Chisholm. All our peer support lessons were fun with you running them. Thanks again and enjoy the rest of Year 11.”
  • “Dear Year 11s, thank you for doing peer support with us this term. It has really helped me settle into high school because high school is a big change for all Year 7s. You are the best!”
  • “The Peer Support Programme has been an amazing experience. The Year 11 leaders were very welcoming and encouraging. The interaction with the Year 11s definitely built a closer relationship within our PCG.”
  • “I really enjoyed the sessions when we got up and played some team building games.”
  • “I really enjoyed the last session of Peer Support. The programme made me feel more comfortable in the Chisholm Catholic College environment. P.S thank you to all the Peer Support Leaders for making this wonderful for us!”

It was pleasing to see so many young passionate leaders be able to make a positive difference for the incoming cohort within our school community.

Mr Adam Williamson
Head of Year 11

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