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RAC/Happiness Co. – What’s Driving Your Decisions?

September 2, 2022

On Wednesday, Julian Pace presented a wonderful talk to our Year 10s about the importance of self-esteem and how that can have a huge impact on the decisions we make. Some of the key messages included: it is more important to be an “A grade person” rather than an “A grade student”; that our ego can be either a bully or a cheerleader; and that a bad day is only 24 hours so tomorrow can be better.

Students found the talk informative and thought-provoking, particularly the link between self-esteem and making good choices on the road. As this cohort starts to receive their Learner’s Permits, it is important that we discuss with our young people the huge responsibility to be the driver of a vehicle, and presentations such as these are invaluable.

Mrs Simone Firns
Acting Head of Year 10

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