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Reconciliation Week At Chisholm

May 25, 2023

Reconciliation Week this year at Chisholm was a success. We have had a week full of activities for all students and staff to be a part of and get involved in. This year, we wanted the students to take over and step up for Reconciliation Week as the Theme for 2023 is ‘Be a Voice for Generations’. Since many of the Aboriginal Education students’ friends in the school asked them what the Aboriginal Education Programme offers, what they do or why they have Aboriginal PCP once a week, we thought we would have our students give them some insight into the programme.  

On Wednesday morning, at the whole College Assembly, a Reconciliation video was presented to the school. In the video, Yagan Joshi, Year 9 Aboriginal Education student, gave his PCG a tour around the College, showing them all the places of Aboriginal significance. Yagan spoke amazingly and his class, including his PCA, Mrs Zimarino, enjoyed the tour and saw some new artwork they didn’t know existed around the school grounds. All PCGs were invited to do the tour as the tour guide was provided online for everyone to do if they would like to.

One of our biggest hits this week was the fire at the Noongar Seasons Firepit in the Yarning Circle. Mr Ricks lit the fire on Monday morning to welcome good spirits and positivity for Reconciliation Week and every morning the fire was lit to encourage staff and students to enjoy the beautiful warmth of the fire in the morning cold air. There was a great turn out every morning as many students gathered around the fire with their friends before class and staff gathered enjoying their morning coffee to start the day.

Another big event was a food tasting for staff at Chisholm. We taught some of the Aboriginal Education students how to make damper, which was then offered to staff at Recess to enjoy with jam. I also made a yonga (kangaroo) stew and Mr Ricks made a yonga curry with rice.

Useful and informative resources about Reconciliation Week went out to all staff regarding ‘how to be a VOICE for generations’ and ‘what to do to be a good Ally’ for Indigenous people every day of the year and not just for this week.

Miss Amy McGuire
Aboriginal Liaison Officer

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