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Science Week Guest Speaker “From Zero to… Now”

August 24, 2023

On Wednesday 23 August, the Chisholm Catholic College Science Department proudly hosted a Guest Speaker Evening to celebrate National Science Week. The event, which brought together students, staff and parents, offered a captivating insight into the world of Marine Science.

Dr Todd Bond is Research Fellow at The University of Western Australia and a deep-sea ecologist in the Minderoo-UWA Deep-Sea Research Centre. Todd grew up in Western Australia and knew from an early age he would be scientist. However, like many scientists, his career path has been full of surprises and this journey has pushed him to emotional and physical extremes.

In this talk, Dr Bond discussed his current research projects, shared footage from 7300m dives and showed real samples of deep-sea creatures he had collected on recent expeditions.

Dr Bond shared tips for young people thinking about a career in Marine Science. His message was clear: the journey of a scientist is not without its hurdles, but each obstacle is an opportunity to learn, adapt and ultimately grow. Find a job you love, seek out and surround yourself with enthusiastic people and keep an eye out for upskilling opportunities.

Dr Bond emphasised that a fulfilling career is often built upon a foundation of passion and ‘getting rich’ in a career in Marine Science is truly about rich experiences, lifelong friendships and making meaningful impacts.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Dr Bond for sharing his insights and extraordinary journey so far. He demonstrated that Science is not just a subject studied in textbooks – it’s a living, breathing adventure that can lead us to unexpected destinations and perhaps, a deep-seated desire to explore the uncharted waters of knowledge.

Ms Alana Martin
Science Teacher

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