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St John Pilot Program

June 20, 2024

St John Ambulance, through their St John Academy, are launching a new training program that offers significant potential benefits to our students who are interested in:

  • a nursing or paramedic career
  • a career in the broader health and medical field
  • valuable work experience, increasingly valued by future employers
  • skill development for your future work and life journey
  • character and leadership development.

We are excited to support and endorse the pilot program run by St John Ambulance, one of Australia’s most trusted training and service delivery organisations.

The training program:

  • is free
  • is open to students aged 12 -17.  Year 7 to 11 students are encouraged to register their interest   
  • requires attending a 90-minute training session, one day a week, straight after school at the Morley branch of St. John Ambulance
  • results in the attainment of a St. John’s accredited proficiency  
  • is a one term pilot program ahead of the formal course launch in 2025. 

We will be hosting an Information Session, presented by St John Ambulance, for interested Year 7 -11 students, next Wednesday from 2:45 – 3:15pm in the Performing Arts Centre. 

If you have further queries, please contact Mr O’Mara or Mrs Firns. 

Mr Mark O’Mara & Mrs Simone Firns
Chisholm Career Services

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