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Stellatus: Creative Edge Thinking Challenge

September 9, 2021

On Saturday 28 August, two teams of brave Year 7 and 8 Chisholm Stellatus students represented the College at the West Australian Regional Creative Edge Thinking Challenge, at Curtin University.

The Challenge involved six weeks of preparation by the teams, each given a thought-provoking question that they had to respond to through the form of a fully memorised ten-minute dramatic presentation, complete with costumes and props. They were not allowed to have any external assistance from anyone outside the team.

All costumes and props had to be made from a select list of materials such as newspaper, cardboard, paint and tape, which encouraged the students to really think outside the box and get creative with their items!

The second part of the challenge involved being given a separate question on the day of the competition in an enclosed room. Each team had four minutes to think about, discuss, and decide on a solution to the question and one minute to present their answer to the judges.

Both teams worked together amazingly through the challenges that came with this competition both in the lead-up to the competition and on the day, and should be proud of their efforts.

A big thank-you to Mrs Goddard for arranging and registering the teams, and to Ms Hayes for all her support and accompanying the teams on the day.

The day was enjoyed by all students, parents and teachers who attended, and there was great excitement when the results released on Monday meant that one of the teams has made it to state finals!

The state finals will be held on Saturday 18 September at Curtin University, with teams racing to create another dramatic presentation, complete with props and costumes … but with only three hours, instead of six weeks!

We are super excited for this team and wish them luck in this amazing opportunity. Stay tuned for more news after the final!

By Eleni Chapman, Year 7

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