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Stellatus Showcase Evening

November 25, 2021

‘Wow! Wow! Wow!’ ‘Fantastic!’ ‘Inspiring!’ The Stellatus students were showered with accolades by the audience at their showcase held on Wednesday 17 November. Months of hard work culminated in an outstanding evening presenting the students’ projects. The Year 7 and 9 students were given free choice of topic and covered a huge array of ideas. There was everything from developing a line of natural cosmetics to exploring the social impact of Netflix to proposing ways of supplying our future energy needs using hot air!

The Year 9 projects were focused on improving the local community through better urban planning and design and the judges were blown away by the sophisticated understanding and creativity the students demonstrated. The level of engagement and commitment people saw in the students was phenomenal. Even the shyest and quietest students came into their own and were confident, eloquent and passionate. They knew their topics thoroughly and rose to the challenges of the tricky questions that came their way. Plans are afoot to bring the showcase to the wider school community in 2022.

Our most gracious thanks go to our judges for the evening:

YEAR 7 JUDGES: Chris Lambert and Alex Scasserra (Chisholm Alumni)

YEAR 8 JUDGES: Ben Doyle (Director, Planning Solutions); Cr Filomena Piffaretti (Mayor of Bayswater); Megan Adair (Director of Planning, Satterley); Cr Josh Eveson (City of Bayswater Councillor)

YEAR 9 JUDGES: Deborah Costello (Director, Deborah Costello Consulting) and Melissa Galea (Amazing Year 9 Stellatus teacher)



First Place: Christian Campbell: Rowdy, Ruthless Rollercoaster

Highly Commended: 

James Koroll: Visual Perceptions and Illusions

Eleni Chapman: Social Media – Re-Wiring Your Thoughts

Gabriella Costa: Sweet Lolita Dress

People’s Choice: Milo Gregory & Aiden Reardon: Creating our own Lolly Brand


First Place: Bayswater Town Centre: Roman Kaless, Nicola Clover and Taya Coates  

Highly Commended: Dianella Plaza Site: Maia Securo, Caitlin Wu and Imogen Wu

People’s Choice:

Noranda Hills Nursery Site: Jude Panizza, Evie Frew and Vaughan White

Bedford Town Centre: Grace Rose, Justin Soh and Georgia Carter


First Place: Michelle Tran, Isabelle Doyle & Denny Nguyen (in absentia): The Perfect Murder

Highly Commended:    

Elizabeth Coehlo & Rawija Balasooriya: The End of the Universe

Josie McAllister: Beauty Standards Through the Ages

People’s Choice: Bianca De Mello: Psychology, Art and a Bunch of Other Stuff

Ms Gina Goddard
Co-ordinator – Gifted and Talented Programme

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