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Stellatus Showcase Night

November 17, 2022

Months of hard work, starting as far back as July, culminated in an outstanding evening showcasing the Stellatus students’ projects on Wednesday 16 November. These long-term projects test the students’ commitment, problem-solving, creative and critical thinking and time management. The students create extensive visual displays showing their research, creativity and innovative ideas and then welcome their audience for questions, discussion and demonstrations. There were a lot of sore feet the next day with the students commenting that they hardly had a chance to sit down or take a breath during the night.

The Year 7 and 9 students are given free rein and cover a huge array of ideas, from the art of magic to animal protection to managing hypochondria. The Year 8 projects focus on developing our local suburbs to take them through the next 50 years. The level of engagement and commitment people saw in the students was phenomenal. Even the shyest and quietest students came into their own and were confident, eloquent and passionate. They knew their topics thoroughly and rose to the challenges of the tricky questions that came their way.

Our most gracious thanks go to our judges for the evening:

Year 7 Judges

Mr Chris Lambert (Chisholm Alumni) and Mrs Fiona Millimaci (Deputy Principal)

Year 8 Judges

Professor David Caddy (Chair, WA Planning Commission)
Mr Ben Doyle (Director, Planning Solutions)
Ms Eleni Thorman (General Manager, CLE Planning and Design)

Year 9 Judges

Mrs Kylie Underwood (2023 Stellatus Coordinator) and Mr Shane Willshire (Stellatus teacher)



First Place: Darcy Jordan – Searching for Sleep

Highly Commended
Sophia Brunini – Aerodynamics: A Hidden Force
Sabelle Chami – Not Your Usual Wave
Amy Pham – Dress to Impress
Ramiro Rossi – Leonardo Da Vinci

People’s Choice: Sophia Brunini – Aerodynamics: A Hidden Force


First Place: Eleni Chapman, Zenyi French, Amber Nguyen – The Future of Bayswater

Highly Commended: Mitchell Glover, James Koroll, Willis O’Brien – Bedford in 50 Years

People’s Choice
Chiara Del Marco, Rosie Ryan, Robert Vaughan, Jason Vettoor – Bedford Town Square Redesign


First Place
Tie between Vaughan White – Artificial Intelligence and Lee Clarke – Art & Science of Taxidermy

Highly Commended
Sam D’Cunha – Why People Enjoy Music
Roman Kaless – Music and its Effect on History and Society as a Whole

People’s Choice
Alyssa Brown, Taya Coates & Cleo Loncar – The Art of Love

Ms Gina Goddard
Coordinator – Gifted and Talented Programme

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