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Stellatus Young Writers Workshops

November 9, 2023

Throughout the year some of our Stellatus students attended the Young Writers workshops at Fremantle Literature Centre. This programme offers an open and encouraging space for young writers to learn from award-winning Australian WA authors and to meet a group of like-minded young people.

Below is feedback from Chloe Langley in Year 8:

“I think that the Talented Young Writers workshop has really helped me to develop my ability to create characters and look at all the different aspects of character construction and creation, especially how they interact and behave when in contact and how to describe their reactions when certain events happen. I got a lot of tips and tricks, including writing down any interesting stories from our lives and putting it into a story. Sue Whiting was an amazing teacher and I feel more confident about making a story. Sue talked about how a lot of times we are too scared to start writing and how we feel we aren’t good enough and doubt ourselves, which I can relate to a lot. She has definitely boosted my confidence in my writing and helped me to believe that I am good enough and to just to go for it, because you won’t know unless you give it a try. I enjoyed being around other kids from other schools because there were a lot of creative ideas shared and we could all build stuff off each other’s ideas. Overall, I really benefited from the excursion and would love to attend more workshops around creative writing!”

Mrs Kylie Underwood
Coordinator – Gifted and Talented Programme

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