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Student Leaders’ Final Lunch

September 23, 2021

On Tuesday, we took the opportunity to thank and farewell our wonderful 2021 Year 12 Prefects with a three-course lunch. They were joined by their wonderfully supportive Year 10 Assistant Prefects and their House and Committee Leaders who were their coordinating teachers and leadership mentors. The group has been a really cohesive one this year and have achieved well in excess of expectation. I am very proud of each of them for their contribution and their personal and leadership growth.

We were importantly given the opportunity to recognise the support we have received from Mrs Collins in Administration and Sister Chau from Community Relations over the past four years with all our events. I wish to pass on my sincere thanks and acknowledgement to the coordinating House and Committee staff for their active role in working with these fantastic young people. Thank you to Mrs Monterosso, Mrs Mammone and all of the wonderful Canteen staff who prepared and served our delicious lunch. Mrs Iacusso was also instrumental with her creative flair to transform K01 into a 5-star dining restaurant and beautifully gift wrapping the student gifts. We wish our Year 12s all the very best with their new adventures in the big, wide world and encourage the Year 10s to continue their leadership journey and look forward to seeing them back as senior Prefects in 2023.

Mrs Nicole Huggins
Deputy Principal – Wellbeing

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