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Student Leaders’ Team Building Excursion

April 6, 2023

There are tangible benefits that teamwork-focused activities can offer our students and last Friday night saw our Student Prefects and Assistant Prefects engage in a couple of games of bowling shared over delicious burgers and chips!

Here are a few benefits of team-building activities:

  • Participating in team activities can help students develop essential communication and collaboration skills while preparing them for success inside and outside of the classroom.
  • Teamwork teaches students how to express their ideas and opinions effectively, respectfully, and confidently in a group setting.
  • Teamwork teaches students that their voices are respected and valued.
  • This becomes a self-sustaining cycle: participation in team activities teaches students how to be better communicators, which in turn helps every member of the team feel valued and respected. As a result, even the most introverted and quietest members of the team can become active participants and learn to enjoy team activities.
  • Being a part of a team that genuinely cares about its members will also give a student a strong support system. Ultimately, team members tend to stick together outside of collaborative settings which means they can support one another in challenging settings.

The benefits of teamwork almost always translate into success outside the classroom.

A special thank you to our Head Boy, Alex, and Head Girl, Sarah for organising this enjoyable evening for us all. We are looking forward to the Term Two event they have planned for us.

Mrs Belinda Pietropaolo
Deputy Principal – Wellbeing

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