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Student Leadership Development Workshop

May 24, 2024

David Castellanelli (Chisholm Head Boy, 2015) from Levitate Learning, presented a very engaging workshop on “Habits and Discipline” to our Student Leaders and some Year 12 students, linking this to student leadership responsibilities. David explained the power of ‘The Compound Effect’ (how little actions lead to big changes over time) and the concepts of delayed gratification, self-control and discipline. He encouraged students to focus on ‘keystone habits’ (ie. habits that have a positive ripple effect on all areas of a student’s life – such as sleep, nutrition choices and study habits). Students learnt practical ways to sustain new habits – including advice such as how to avoid procrastination and track goals.

“David Castelanelli from Levitate Learning was a huge help for all of us young leaders. He taught us a lot about good habits and how we can apply these to become better leaders and even better people. He showed us about patience and how if we can use all our habits to good effect, you will find significant progress in the long term. David taught all of us so much about how to live a life with good habits and how to be disciplined and patient to see your progress. I think on behalf of the Student Leaders, David was amazing and taught us so much.” – Angus Tyers, Year 10 Assistant Prefect.

Mrs Fiona Millimaci
Deputy Principal – Wellbeing

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