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Students’ Reflection on ONSITE Programme

April 6, 2023

“I attend ONSITE every Tuesday at Lifestyle 4WD WA in Morley. I am really enjoying the experience so far and learning a lot about mechanics and the industry. My work supervisor is a family friend and I am learning a lot from him in a comfortable and supportive work environment. I am given good advice by my work colleagues about how to stay focused during the day and the benefits of being more organised. I am able to talk with others about my future in this industry and this keeps me motivated and goal orientated. I think ONSITE is a great opportunity for those students who are not sure what career they want yet and want to find out what is best for them.” – Liam Atkins (11P3)

“Every Tuesday I take the part of “Ms Ryder” as an Assistant Sport teacher at Camboon Primary School. Being part of the ONSITE programme has taught me so many skills already this term. It has built my confidence, leadership and patience as a person and what is required to be a teacher. This experience has opened my eyes to my future career goals and what my life could be as a primary school Sport teacher. I am so appreciative of my teacher mentor, Mr Gasper, who has made this experience so enjoyable whilst also giving me great advice and guidance. I am very grateful for the opportunity ONSITE has given me and I am looking forward to completing the full year of my work experience at Camboon.” – Shantaya Ryder (11L1)

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