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Students’ Reflection on “Wheelchairs For Kids”

May 19, 2022

“Wheelchairs For Kids is such a great organisation to be involved with. They have made over 50,000 wheelchairs since 1998, and continues to help the lives of kids all around the world.” –  Bianca Gulluni

“Helping make wheelchairs was such an excellent experience and we learnt so much about the hard work that volunteers do. We all had fun and it was so great to see a workshop full of people who volunteer their time to help with such a special organisation.” – Mia Francis

“It was so good to learn how the wheelchairs benefit kids around the world. The wheelchair has evolved over many years to make it more comfortable for children whose lives are made better by Wheelchairs For Kids.” – Mia DeSanges

“The volunteers were so friendly and kind. They made us feel comfortable. They taught us many things about wheelchairs. They were an inspiration to us by showing us what they do. I would love to go back.” – Riyana Balagopalan

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