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Thank you Message from Vinnies

July 21, 2022

Winter is always a very difficult season for homeless people and families who are financially struggling to meet their basic needs. To assist with the Vinnies’ Winter Appeal, members of the Social Justice Committee went around during PCG explaining the needs to all students and staff.

The response from students and staff was outstanding as Vinnies needed four cars to help collect all the boxes that we had filled with donations.

The President of the Bedford Vinnies was so impressed. He said: “I was absolutely blown away by the number of donations from the Winter Appeal, I can assure you that it will all be put to very good use, it will also allow our conference to assist other conferences within our region,” and “The Bedford Conference has assisted over 200 families in the past 12 months, the total assistance given was in excess of $37,000.

From the Social Justice Committee and Vinnies, “thank you Chisholm, for your generosity.”

The Social Justice Committee
Raise Awareness, Raise Hope, Raise Others

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