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The show must go on!

July 27, 2021

True to the fabulous spirit of theatre, the Chisholm Catholic College production of The Addams Family did go on and was able to be performed this week, much to the excitement of all involved. It was the show’s third attempt to open, after COVID-19 lockdowns in WA put the performance on hold twice this year. While it was a more personal audience, limited to the family of cast and crew and staff, everyone involved was thrilled to be able to finally showcase their many hours of hard work and preparation for the show.

There were over 130 enthusiastic students involved in The Addams Family participating in all aspects of the production including acting, playing in the orchestra, costume making, set making, lighting design and operations, sound operation, projection, back stage and front of house. A number of Alumni also came in to help with choreography, publicity and wherever else they could lend a hand.

Together co-directors Rebecca Williams and Madeleine March-Anthony, music director/producer Evan Eble, assistant musical director Samantha Ashman, stage manager/sets David Lyons-Nash and costume designer Sue Crouch led the cast, crew and staff through the many hours of rehearsals prior to opening night on Monday July 19, when we finally got to meet the kooky Addams Family. In the show the family have their unique values tested, after Gomez and Morticia’s daughter Wednesday falls in love with a very un-Addams boy and invites his family over for dinner. In one fateful, hilarious night, secrets are disclosed, relationships are tested, and the Addams family must face up to the one horrible thing they’ve managed to avoid for generations… change.

Change is definitely something all of the staff and students involved in The Addams Family show are familiar with and the successful production was testament to their adaptability and spirit during unpredictable COVID-19 times.

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