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November 24, 2022

The English Learning Area Theatre programme for 2022 concluded at the Heath Ledger Theatre on Tuesday 15 November with a group of Year 10 students experiencing theatre at its best. The drama, Oil, is an ambitious five-act modern day epic by British playwright, Amanda Hickson. It explores stories of empire, history and motherhood and follows the trajectory of one of our most precious resources across continents and the span of over 150 years. The script presents a complex and thought-provoking political allegory as well as a poignant study of humanity. Black Swan Theatre’s production, directed by Adam Mitchell was an absorbing tour de force which was received with great enthusiasm by the students who endorsed it for its “compelling narrative, its humour and its poignancy”; “incredible staging”; “mesmerising performances”; “epic reach” and “its ability to keep an audience engaged in every word, moment and scene change for over two and a half hours.”

It has been wonderful to see our theatre ventures supported by both parents and students alike throughout the course of the year. Thank you for your support in helping us to foster a strong theatre culture here at the College. We have enjoyed the privilege of attending greatly diverse and engaging productions in 2022 and we are proud to celebrate theatre as an integral aspect of English and Literature studies at Chisholm. We look forward to offering another exciting theatre programme in 2023 and hope to see more students embracing the new and unique experiences that theatre promises.

Ms Ann Franich
English Learning Area

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