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May 16, 2024

Barracking for the Umpire

We were thrilled about the return of ‘Barracking for the Umpire’ in 2024, having taken a group of students to see this incredible show in 2022. This time, a group of our Year 10 – 12 English and Literature students were able to experience this thought provoking and memorable drama during a matinee session at the Subiaco Theatre Centre on Sunday 5 May.

The drama, written by Andrea Gibbs and directed by Clare Watson, is set in a 1980s family home in Donnybrook. It represents a slice of Australian family life whilst also interrogating complex and controversial issues concerning the AFL culture. It offers a nuanced, funny, authentic and heartbreaking study of masculinity, family and community and the very devastating impact of brain injury. The students who attended the show were both entertained and deeply moved by the experience which will continue to spark interesting conversations.

A few words from Amelie Luna and Isabelle Doyle (Year 12)

The play offered insight into the struggles of masculinity and the lasting effect of Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy on individuals and the family unit. The set design was impactful and projected sounds and images were utilised to present the story in a more intimate fashion. Overall, the performance was powerful and poignant and we highly recommend students go to see it.

Ms Ann Franich
Teacher – English Learning Area

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