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Travel Code of Behaviour

June 27, 2024

Unfortunately the College has recently received complaints from concerned community members regarding the behaviour of Chisholm students on public transport.

“It’s quite unfortunate to notice that they’re very disrespectful of the public that uses the same bus. Each student takes one entire seat (which is ideally for two people) by sitting side ways and not allowing the public to sit. I have been noticing this for weeks. Elderly people are always standing while the students take one seat each to sit comfortably.

“Several other times I’ve seen students seated with their feet up on the seat (where their shoes touch the seat). It’s sad to see that we the public sit on the dirty seats after the students get off.”

Please have a conversation with your son/daughter regarding behaviour on public transport which is also outlined in the College’s Travel Code of Behaviour (page 25 of the Student Handbook). Thank you to the majority who continue to uphold these and other standards of the College, it is appreciated.

Ms Taniya Rodrigues
Deputy Principal – Community


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