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Two Wins for Mock Trial Round 2

May 25, 2023

Last Thursday night was Round 2 of the Mock Trial competition at the Supreme Court. With spectators welcomed back at the courts, it was great to see parents and other supporters come along to watch our students, including Mrs Kastropil.

Our teams were against another strong school, Presbyterian Ladies’ College, who have six teams in total. The case was a criminal matter involving an alleged assault during a university game of Quidditch. Was it just bad luck that the accused fell on the victim after the umpire’s whistle had blown, leading to a PCL injury and an ambulance? Or was it done intentionally, the accused taking the chance to get back at the victim who he had fallen out with over rumours he had spread? In Court room 11 “Hearslay” were Prosecution, seeking a Guilty verdict. Maia Securo was a natural Barrister and Gabby Magalhaes gave an excellent Closing, pointing out contradictions in the evidence, with help from Solicitor Amy Allen. All witnesses were strong under cross, and we won 141 to 138.

In Court room 10 “The Justice Gamers” were Defence. Although the verdict was Guilty, the important result was the score, with a win 126.5 to 109. Josie McAllister as Barrister 2 may have found a career path, and in both court rooms, all witnesses were strong, with Elise Lycho scoring the highest at 18/20. Nicola Clover had to deal with a very difficult witness while cross-examining as Barrister 1, but did not lose her cool and persevered in her line of questioning when the witness was being evasive.

All students on both teams performed their individual roles to a high standard and both teams worked well together, securing a well deserved double win for the night. Our Coach Hon John McKechnie was proud of our students, as was myself and Miss Andrea Ranalli as the two teachers who trained the teams. Some parents commented to me afterwards that the students were at a very high standard, which was particularly great to hear given many were taking on new roles.

We now prepare for Round 3 later this term, which is the last of the open rounds.

Ms Natasha Clark
Politics and Law Teacher

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