Uniform, Dress and Personal Presentation Standards

February 1, 2024

One of the many things that makes Chisholm unique is the level of expectation that we place on both staff and students in varied areas of College life – In Service of Christ and Community, we Seek Excellence (Vision Statement). This was noticed in the School Climate Survey that was conducted last year and has informed our Vision in Action.

Seeking Excellence also applies to our uniform, a visible way one can take pride in self and school. Details of the College’s Uniform Standards can be found in the Student Handbook and SEQTA Engage/Learn. We ask for your continued support to uphold these standards as we present a united community that wears their colours with excellence.

Students who wish purchase items from the new uniform range should take advantage of the extended opening hours, please refer to Ms Ovenden’s notice in this Carolean or our website/social media for the details.

Ms Taniya Rodrigues
Deputy Principal – Community

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